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Time Proven Negotiation and Buying and Planning Processes.

Traditional Advertising

We Negotiate the Best Buys and Get Results

One of the key benefits we bring to your business is the ability to squeeze the most out of your advertising dollars. We plan, negotiate and buy all types of traditional media...Read More

McEathron Media Buying/Planning Process

McEathron Media plans and buys advertising using a 4 stage process…Read More

  1. Conduct media research
  2. Develop a media plan and strategy
  3. Buy and negotiate the media
  4. Manage and evaluate the media

Other Services

Post Buy Analysis
McEathron Media can provide your business with a post buy analysis to ensure you receive all advertising and audience delivery as promised by suppliers. Once complete, compensation can be negotiated for any campaigns that achieve less than 100% commercial delivery and 90% audience delivery. This system offers the following benefits…Read More


These and other industry terms can be intimidating and confusing. We sort through all of this for you. We have been planning and buying media for 20 years, so we know how to put together the most effective media mix for your budget.